Bridport Town Hall: Tuesday 7th February 2017  7.30pm

Face: Shape and Angle, Helen Muspratt Photographer

Jessica will be giving a talk about her mothers work, explaining  how much she owed to her mentor, Francis Newbery, formally head of the Glasgow School of Art, born in Bridport and centre of the artistic circle based round Corfe Castle in the Twenties. She will also describe the experimental work Helen produced in with her partner Lettice Ramsey in the Thirties in Cambridge, her documentary ventures in the Soviet Union,1936, and the Welsh Mining Valleys 1937, and her huge body of Portrait photography.

Cambridge University Library: Monday 20th March 2017  5.30pm 

Ramsey & Muspratt, Experiments in Photography, Cambridge in the Thirties

As part of the Cambridge Science Festival Jessica will describe the work of Ramsey & Muspratt in the Thirties when, inspired by a photograph by Man Ray, and encouraged by scientist friends such as J D Bernal, she and her partner Lettice Ramsey experimented in the darkroom with techniques such as solarisation, rayographs and multiple exposures.

Durlston Castle, Swanage:  

Exhibition of work by Helen Muspratt

Dates to be confirmed but hoping it will take place during the summer of 1017. Further details to follow.

Oxford Central Library: Late 2017

Exhibition of work by Helen Muspratt

Exciting to report that the Library have offered to host an exhibition when their refurbished building opened in late 2017. Further details to follow.